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LGBTQIA+Taiwan rises Sweeping out the House of Representatives seats.

Published By Desantos Rocky | Jun 25, 2024 10:48 a.m.

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Note Descr: LGBTQIA+Taiwan rises - June 25, BBC reports Taiwan's last House of Representatives election saw several new members of the House of Representatives from the LGBTQIA+ group elected. It reflects that Taiwanese society is more accepting....

LGBTQIA+Taiwan rises – June 25, BBC reports The last election for the House of Representatives in Taiwan had members of the House of Representatives. Several new faces from the LGBTQIA+ community were selected. It reflects that Taiwanese society is more accepting of Huang Jie, 31 years old, MP for the Democratic Progressive Party. (BBC) One of them is Huang Jie, 31, the first MP in Taiwan's history to admit that he has a gender identity that is not related to his physical gender. Just won election to parliament in January. In the past, Huang stated that he was delighted at this next step in Taiwan's development. Huang said that as the first MP in Taiwan's parliament from the LGBT community, he has an obligation to Work harder to ensure that our LGBTQIA+ brothers and sisters have rights and are treated equally by everyone in society. The report states that Taiwan is one of the most progressive areas in Asia for LGBT rights. Taiwan was the first place to pass an equal marriage law in Asia in 2019, and recently it also allows adoption rights. Huang said that after the recent election Taiwan's parliament likely has dozens of MPs from the LGBT community, such as Taipei House of Representatives member Miao Boya, another MP from the LGBT community. Gender diversity came after former President Tsai Ing-wen appointed Audrey Tang as Minister of Digital Affairs in 2016, making Tang the first transgender person in Taiwan and the world to become a minister. He is an MP from the Democratic Progressive Party or DPP from Kaohsiung City. He used to work as an environmentalist and journalist. Before applying to become a member of the DPP Party and winning the election to the Kaohsiung City Council last year. In 2018, Huang rose to fame after a heated exchange with conservative politician Han Guoyu in the Kaohsiung parliament. The camera was able to capture the moment Huang rolled his eyes and "looked up"so forcefully that it became a meme that spread throughout the social media world. and was dubbed "Goddess looks up"but Huang's popularity became a double-edged sword after tabloid media published stories about Huang's "questionable"sexual orientation. Huang faced a barrage of scandals, forcing him to deny and admit that he liked women. Organizing the annual LGBTQIAN+ march in Taipei, Taiwan, with thousands of attendees. Huang said he was forced to resign by his media company and that his parents at the time did not know his gender. Huang once admitted that if he could go back in time, it would be better if he didn't reveal it. “I have never been ashamed to talk about my sexual orientation. But I never thought that I would have to announce or explain to others what I had chosen.” “Because when I had to do that it was like being made to feel that People like me belong to a marginalized group. It's a small part of society. It's a special group. It is a group that must be left out. They are a group of people who are not normal,” Huang said. One of the policies he wants to push for is to allow couples in the LGBT community to choose to have offspring of their own blood through assisted reproductive technology. Breeds such as in vitro fertilization or IVF, however Huang is worried that Conservative media outlets may use gender to create scandals to attack their work in the future. For example, if their work doesn't meet their goals, it could be linked to being "special"