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Mawazine Festival.. Artist Belqis excels in performing a group of Moroccan songs - Map Express

Published By Desantos Rocky | Jun 25, 2024 9:58 a.m.

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Mawazine Festival.. Artist Balqis is creative in performing a group of Moroccan songs
Monday, June 24, 2024 - 12:02
(Iman Brouji)
Rabat - Between Balqis Fathi and Morocco is a great love story that was embodied, once again, through her creativity in performing a group Of Moroccan songs during the concert that she performed, yesterday evening, Sunday, on the Nahda stage, within the framework of the 19th session of the Mawazine Festival - Rhythms of the World, which continues until June 29 of this year.
The famous Yemeni star ascended to the stage, wearing a luxurious “takchita” decorated with golden decorations. And a Moroccan “Silham” was on it, amidst the ululations and warm applause of the large crowd that came to watch the concert.
From the first tones, the audience interacted with Belqis immediately, as it began with the song “She He” from the Moroccan heritage of the late artist Hajja Hamdaouia. The audience sang with great spontaneity, expressing their admiration for Balqis’s voice and her prominent presence.
During this evening, which will remain firmly in their minds and full of emotions, Balqis brilliantly presented a beautiful collection of the most famous Arabic songs and selections of successful songs in her repertoire, especially her songs in the Moroccan dialect, which achieved great success and millions of dollars. Views on YouTube. These are “Sabra” (27 million), “Come and see” (40 million) and her latest song “Taawak Al-Qalb” (1.6 million), which was released five days ago.
The concert of the modern Arabic song star was exceptional par excellence, as it highlighted the richness of music and culture. The Moroccan singer also presented her fans with pieces from the national heritage, which made the audience immerse themselves in a purely Moroccan atmosphere.
Throughout the evening, Belqis, who was speaking to her audience in dialect, did not stop expressing her love for Morocco, which occupies a special place in her heart, and her pride in singing in one of the largest festivals in the world.
The most powerful moment in the show was when the artist Belqis joined the band A Moroccan folklorist who ignited the stage with her unlimited energy of dances and songs drawn from the rich national heritage.
And so that her concert in Mawazine would remain engraved in the minds of the audience, Belqis concluded it by performing the famous Moroccan song “Live, my country,” while raising the Moroccan flag high.
It should be noted that Belqis Fathi is one of the most famous artists in the Arab world. She is a Yemeni singer and actress who comes from a musical family. She developed her passion for music very early, and began performing on stage since her teens.
In 2013, Balqis released her first album, which achieved great success and placed her among the ranks of Arab music stars. Since then, her successes have continued with albums such as “As I Am” and “Majnoun.”
Belqis has won several awards since the beginning of her artistic career, including the “Arab Music Awards,” the “Middle East Music Award,” and the “Arab Women Awards.” “And the Emirati Women’s Award.”