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Okan Buruk's words come true regarding the Rafa Silva transfer

Published By Desantos Rocky | Jun 11, 2024 10:06 a.m.

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Note Descr: It is almost clear which team Rafa Silva will go to, about whom Galatasaray Coach Okan Buruk made a statement yesterday....

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What Okan Buruk Says Happens in the Rafa Silva Transfer

Galatasaray Coach Okan Buruk made a statement yesterday about which team Rafa Silva will join. It is about to be clear that he will go.

The new team of Benfica star Rafa Silva, whose name is mentioned with Galatasaray in the transfer, is becoming clear.

Okan Buruk, the coach of the yellow-red team, said yesterday about Silva, whose contract with the Portuguese team has expired: "Rafa Silva is a quality player. He is currently in free status and has many suitors. That's why we are currently on our agenda.""His expectations are very high and he will probably go to Saudi Arabia."

Statements confirming Buruk's words came from the Saudi press. According to Arriyadiyah's news; Rafa Silva reached a 3-year agreement with Al-Shabab a few days ago.

The news stated that only official approval remained for the completion of the transfer of the 31-year-old football player.

It was stated that the budget for the clubs in Saudi Arabia is currently being prepared and the budgets will be determined by the end of June. In this case, it was noted that the clubs will officially start transfers from July.

In the news detail, a source close to Al Shabab said the following when asked about the possibility of Rafa Silva transfer failing: It was stated that he replied:

"Rafa has chosen to ignore the offers he has received from Turkey so far and to wait for the final completion of the agreement after the formation of the new budget."