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The uncertain future of the Grand Duchess María Teresa of Luxembourg now that her son comes to the t

Published By Desantos Rocky | Jun 25, 2024 11 a.m.

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Note Descr: The Cuban-born wife of Grand Duke Enrique has been in the eye of the storm for years due to several controversies centered on her (bad) treatment with palace staff....

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Although it was news that was already seen coming, when it was published that neither Harald of Norway nor Charles of England would be the next monarchs to abdicate, Luxembourg is still shocked following Grand Duke Henry's announcement of his plans to leave the throne. After 24 years occupying this distinguished position, it will now be his son, Prince William, who will assume the Crown at the end of the year. A decision that also affects his wife,
the Grand Duchess María Teresa, who in recent years has become a controversial figure at court.

The monarch, 69, announced his abdication on the Day Luxembourg National, an annual event that brings together members of the ruling family, members of the Government and parliamentarians to celebrate the official birthday of the Grand Duke. «I would like to inform you that I have decided to transfer the Lieutenancy to Prince William next October. With all my love and trust, I wish him the best of luck,"said an excited Enrique, before kissing his son while the room applauded.

This The change means that Grand Dukes Henry and Maria Theresa will retain their official titles, but will be represented on the throne by their son. The total change of the Grand Duchy will probably take several years to occur. "This is the beginning of a new chapter for our monarchy,"Luxembourg Prime Minister Luc Frieden told the press. Although this decision has surprised public opinion, Frieden stated that he had been meditating behind closed doors for some time. "I think the national holiday was the right time, because the Grand Duke is the symbol of our nation,"he declared.

Enrique is the first-born of the five children of Grand Duke John and the Grand Duchess. Josefina Carlota, and acceded to the throne in 2000, after her father's abdication after 36 years of reign. He is married to María Teresa Mestre, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, and they have five children: his heir William, Princess Alexandra, Prince Louis, Prince Félix and Prince Sébastien.

The controversies of the Grand Duchess María Teresa

The woman who never enjoyed the approval of her mother-in-law due to her status as a commoner has ended up agreeing with her detractors and has become more of a problem than an asset for his country's monarchy. Now, moving into a discreet background, it is likely that her recent controversies will also be relegated to oblivion.

The last time Maria Teresa made headlines was last year, when new allegations accused her of inappropriate behavior with her staff. The newspaper 'Lëtzebuerger Land' claimed that the Grand Duke's wife "overwhelmed"her staff with her multiple demands when she wanted to try on clothes before a photo shoot for her daughter Alexandra's wedding. Something that led to "a verbal altercation."

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According to the report, additional staff had to be called in after the maids and wardrobe team had to deal with the royal's demands and supposedly the Cuban would have lectured the following day to the Marshal of the Court, who is in charge of the management of the Grand Duke's House, for his "poor organization."

According to the publication, the Luxembourg Prime Minister himself would have gone to the palace to discuss the situation with the grand duchess and her visit
would have caused new disagreements with the ways of handling matters at court.

The Waringo Report and the Culture of Fear at Court

This reprehensible behavior by the Grand Duchess was not new. A “culture of fear” within the Royal Household was detailed in 2020, after more than 50 staff left or were dismissed from their position over the course of around five years. The local media held María Teresa directly responsible for these outings, stating that she "does what she wants without fear of reprisals and that not even her husband dares to confront her."

At that time, the then head of Government, Xavier Bettel, appointed a special commission to clarify the facts. Before a verdict was issued, in a statement the Grand Duke vehemently defended his wife: "While awaiting the publication of the report, and throughout this entire process, articles have appeared in the media in which Unfair accusations are made against my wife, mother of our five children and devoted grandmother. This is affecting my entire family. Why attack a woman? A woman who defends other women? A woman who doesn't even have the right to defend herself?'

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When the investigation, called the Waringo Report after the name of the retired senior civil servant Jeannot Waringo who directed it, was finally published, it concluded that María Teresa's participation in « "essential personnel decisions were problematic."The report recommended reforming María Teresa's involvement in personnel matters.

The bitter complaints about the media lynching of his wife by the Grand Duke came to nothing when he officially signed the change proposed by the Waringo report. In this way, he stripped his wife of any official role and any power to manage the palace. Now, with the accession of her son to the throne, her role at court will be even more reduced.

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