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This time it wasn't either: With one less, Real Cartagena was one goal away from the final

Published By Desantos Rocky | Jun 11, 2024 9:22 a.m.

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Note Descr: With one player less from the 20th minute, Real Cartagena defeated Orsomarso 2-0. He lacked one goal to qualify for the final....

The public responded greatly to what could be a historic night in the walled city and what began as a party did not have a happy ending. Real Cartagena beat Orsomarso 2-0 on the last date of Group A of the semi-final home runs, but it was not enough to advance to the grand final of the BetPlay I-2024 Tournament. Leyder Robledo and Christian Marrugo scored the goals, which in the end were not enough. There were no surprises in the starting eleven: Cristian Arroyave occupied the goal; Juan Camilo Ángulo, Darwin Palomeque, Cristian Flórez and Mateo Castillo, the rear; In the center of the field was Yosimarc Torres with Christian Marrugo and further forward Jhon Valencia, Teófilo Gutiérrez and Leyder Robledo with Yhonier López as the only man in the lead. Real, aware of the obligation to hit early, had the first chance in the 2nd minute. Teo was knocked down on the edge of the area and Juan Camilo Ángulo appeared to take the free kick. The 13th took a shot close to the upright, but the goalkeeper stretched in a great way to prevent the goal shout. The auriverde team kept the ball and in the attempt to come out playing, Orsomarso recovered and hit a ball so that Salcedo beat Flórez, who was the last man, in the march. The former Real Cartagena fell, the referee whistled the foul and sent off the 15th, leaving the local team with 10. Despite being outnumbered, Real Cartagena maintained its offensive vocation and thus came 1-0. Leyder Robledo took a low shot from the left side that the Valle del Cauca goalkeeper could not control. The excitement grew in Cartagena and with it, Heroico had possession but could not extend the advantage. So they went to rest. Those led by Alberto Suárez came out with the same attitude: with everything to increase the score. Valencia had two opportunities, but they wasted both. They were so clear that the same fans, desperate for another score, asked for the winger to change. And the coach of the Bolivarian team did it, bringing on Jorge Mendoza for the 21st. It was Mendoza himself who, in an individual action, was knocked down inside the area so that a maximum penalty was declared. Marrugo, the usual one, took charge and sent it away. 2-0 and the excitement grew with more than 30 minutes left to play. In this way, Real Cartagena reached 13 points, the same as its current rival, but due to the item of goals scored in the home run, it was in second place. Orsomarso advanced to the final with a difference of +4 and 7 goals scored, while the auriverde had the same difference but 6 goals scored. Join the PrimerTiempo.CO WhatsApp channel